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During 2009, New Zealand’s outdoor sector came together to collaborate on an initiative aimed at bringing consistency to preventative outdoor safety messaging.

This initiative produced New Zealand’s Outdoor Safety Code which is formed of 5 simple rules to help people plan and prepare before engaging in land-based outdoor activities.

Since then, the New Zealand Search and Rescue Council (NZSAR)  has collaborated with other sectors to produce further codes including the Boat Safety Code and Water Safety Code.

It was further recognised that visitors to New Zealand often engaged in a variety of outdoors activities and that whilst there is excellent safety information available, it could be time consuming to locate it all quickly.

Research also indicated that the majority of unfortunate incidents in New Zealand are avoidable with good planning, knowledge and skills. This resulted in the creation of the AdventureSmart website (based on the Canadian model of the same name) which was designed to provide both visitors and native New Zealanders with a centralised online location for safety information and planning support, prior to engaging in outdoors activities in New Zealand.

The site links to existing safety information for land, snow, water, boating and air activities together under one umbrella with the aim of making it easier for people to plan and prepare their adventures and ultimately take responsibility for their own safety. was initially launched in December 2010 and in September 2011 v.2.0 was revised to include an increased number of activities, plus significantly more content and links.

The AdventureSmart website was created with funding from the New Zealand Search & Rescue Council . A wide range of organisations continue to support the website and input into its upkeep. 

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