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Outdoors Intentions via approved providers

Please find below the current list of New Zealand Search and Rescue approved Outdoors Intentions providers.


  • You may select this option to complete your Outdoors Intentions via an external provider.
  • Simply click on the link(s) below and choose your provider.
  • Follow the instructions as per the provider's website.
  • It is recommended that you check the details and that you check that your TRUSTED CONTACT has received notification PRIOR to leaving on your trip.
  • By using this Outdoors Intentions option, you accept that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions


Approved Provider List:

Adventure Buddy is a monitored outdoor intentions service provided free of charge. Sign up with the Adventure Buddy website, then complete the online form, and if you haven’t checked in by the due date and time, the Adventure Buddy team will attempt to contact the user and their registered contacts. If the missing person(s) still cannot be located, then the Adventure Buddy team will raise the alert directly with Search and Rescue and the New Zealand Police

Visit the Adventure Buddy website

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