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Outdoor Intentions via Email

What is your expected date and time of return:

This is the date and time by which you expect to have returned safely from your trip and alerted your Trusted Contact. If you do not alert your Trusted Contact by this time, the instructions they receive will tell them to start the follow up process which may eventually involve contacting the Police. Always tell your Trusted Contact as soon as you have returned safely.

What, where and when are you going on your outdoor adventure?

Note: Always enter your progress and changes to plan in hut logbooks, even if you don't stay overnight.

Details of your group members

(Overseas visitors please include your passport number and your nationality.)

What type of emergency equipment are you carrying?

Please tick all that apply and complete details as appropriate.

How are you travelling to and from the area?

Type of vehicle or public transport etc. Please also include the name of bus/rental car/public transport company if applicable.
If you are leaving a vehicle in the area for your return, please provide details below.

Where will you be going after leaving the area?

e.g. name/address/telephone of accommodation:

Details for your Trusted Contact

Please Note: Only the email address fields for you, your Trusted Contact and your return date/time are compulsory. However the more details you provide, the better the search and rescue agencies will be able to respond should the alert be raised

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