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Outdoors Intentions via Form

Read the instructions and download your free Outdoors Intentions form below


  • You can either (a) Download the form. Save to your system. Print form. Complete details by hand and give to your TRUSTED CONTACT or
  • Or (b) Download the form. Save to your system. Type directly into the form. Save file. Attach to an email and send to your TRUSTED CONTACT.
  • None of the fields on the form are compulsory, but the more details you provide, the better the search and rescue agencies will be able to respond should the alert be raised.
  • Whatever method you use, it is recommended that you check that your TRUSTED CONTACT has received your Outdoors Intentions prior to leaving on your trip.
  • By using this Outdoors Intentions option, you accept that you have read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions






If you have more than 6 members in group, including yourself, you can download an Additional Group Members form on which you can add a further 9 group members. It must be used in conjunction with the full Outdoors Intentions form and not on its own. Click below to download. 




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